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Rules and Regulation: Run for Future 2014




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To raise funds and donation for the underprivileged children and orphans as well as to promote healthy lifestyle among the public.

This event is open to the public regardless their age and gender. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any entry or entries without giving any reason and any decision of rejection shall be final. 

Venue/Course for the Walk Event
1. Panggung Seni(behind Dectar) National University of Malaysia, Induk Campus (UKM BANGI), Selangor
2. Each lap/circuit of the course is 8.6 km.

Date & Time

 Starting                Sunday April 27, 2014 0700
 Ending                 Sunday April 27, 2014 1300

Categories of participants

Men open        [ 8.6km ]
Women open   [ 8.6km ]

Conditions of Entry & Fees
RM 30.00 – BEFORE April 15, 2014
     *Entry fees can be paid ONLY by Cash Deposit/Online Transfer to

Maybank Acc - 164098599695

Qualifying age : 12 years and above as on 27 April, 2014.

 Health/ fitness of Competitors
  •               ALL competitors who take part in this walk must be medically fit to participate the whole duration of the run. 
  •                      While every possible step is taken to ensure the safety of competitors, the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any accident, injuries or death however caused before, during or after the competition.
  •                The Medical Doctor/Personal appointed by the Organizing Committee will have the right to stop any   competitor from further participating in the Run for Future 2014 Event if in the opinion of the Medical         Doctor/Personal there is a danger to the life or health of the competitor concerned. 
      Determination of Winners
  • All competitors must START at the START/FINISH LINE AT 0800 hours on April 27, 2014, Failure to start at the appointed site, the competitor/competitors is/are considered voluntarily withdrawing from the competition.
  • For the purpose of the determination of the winners, the Run for Future 2014 Event shall end at the START/FINISH LINE on the course.
  • Subject to any penalty or disqualification by the Judges, the competitor who has covered the shortest time shall be declared the winner.
  • Competitors who cover the total 8.6 km distance will be awarded a Certification of Participation.
  • Medals will be given to participants who are the first to cover the total 8.6km distance in a within time given for both categories, men and women.
  • Men Open – top 150 participants
  • Women Open – top 150 participants

Men Open
1st place hamper + trophy
2nd place hamper + trophy
3rd place hamper + trophy
Women Open
1st place hamper + trophy
2nd place hamper + trophy
3rd place hamper + trophy

Reporting Time

  •               All competitors must collect their numbers at the venue on Sunday April 27,2014 between 7.20 am to 7.45 am (no numbers and chips will be issued after date line)
  •               All competitors must report for briefing at 0700 Hours on April 27, 2014 at the designated point determined by the Organizing Committee. Any competitor without the “Timing Chip” at the starting time will not be allowed to take part.
  •               Any competitor who fails to report on Time and/or does not have the “Timing Chip” will not be allowed to start and is considered to have been voluntarily withdrawn from the competition.

    Leaving the Competition Venue/Arena
  • No competitor shall leave the Competition Venue/Arena unless he or she has obtained the permission of a Course Official and has been given a card for the purpose. Upon re-entering the Competition Venue/Arena and competition, the card must be surrender to the relevant Course Official.             
  • At all the times during the competition a competitor must remain within the premises of the “Competition Venue/Arena”.
  • When a competitor leaves the competition arena without the permission, he or she is considered voluntarily withdrawing from the competition.
  •               Competitors shall wear only numbers provided by the Organizing Committee.
  •               The numbers must be pinned onto the clothing of the competitor, number on the chest. The numbers should not be stitched onto the competitor’s clothing.
  •               No tampering with the competition numbers is allowed and any competitor doing so will be disqualified.
  •               No transfer of competition number to another competitor or another person is allowed. Any such transfer will result in automatic disqualification.
    Award of Winners
  • The winners shall be determined by the fastest time taken covered by the competitor.
  • The decision of the Organizing Committee is final and no appeal or correspondence will be entertained.
Solving a Tie
  •                In the event of more than one competitor being adjudged to finished to have finished the race with same distances, the following rules shall apply.
  •               A count-back with the competitor covering the most number of laps of the circuit during the last 2 lap of the race declared the winner.
  •               If a tie still exist the competitor who covers the most number of laps in the last 1 lap or the last hour, as the situation may warrant, be declared the winner.
  •  Any competitor found guilty of misconduct will be disqualified.
  • Competitor must wear clothing which is cleaned and so designed and worn as not to be objectionable. The clothing must be made of a material which is non-transparent even if it wet.
  •  Any jostling, obstruction or interpersonal act of aggression by one competitor against another aimed at impeding his/her progress shall be liable for disqualification.
  • The organizers are obliged to cancel the event if the event is to dangerous to be conducted. No refunds would be given. 
Rest and Food Area

  •               Adequate refreshments will be provided by the Organizing Committee for the duration of the race event.
  •               The rest and drinks areas are located with proper signs. Only competitors and officials are allowed to have access to these areas.
  •               All competitors are encouraged to prepare their own refreshment/food if they do desire.
  •               Any litter to be thrown must be at the refreshment station designate BIN only. Each littering will result in deduction of one lap.
Personal belonging
  • Personal belongings of the competitors can be keep at the Baggage Area for FREE and a tag will be issued by the officer in charge of the Baggage Area. The tag must be produced when the competitor wishes to claim his/her personal belonging
  • Competitors should only bring the bare essentials and no fragile or valuable belongings should be brought on to the circuit. The Organizing Committee shall not be responsible for any loss of any items which are placed at the Baggage Area or anywhere.
  • All personal belongings must be collected from the Rest Area within half an hour after the race has ended.
Finish of The Race

  •               The race officially end by the last participant to pass the finishing line after 90 minutes or after the 200th competitor has finished, whichever comes first
Attire for Prize Presentation

  •              All winners are required to wear proper attire when attending the Prize Presentation ceremony.
  •              Prizes presentation will be held at 1100 hours on April 27, 2014.

    Closing Date
  •  All entry/entries must be scanned together with payment proof and send to :
Contact Number

       Please feel free to contact the person below if you have any inquiries regarding the AMSA Charity Run 2014

  • Vinayagi - 012 751 4522
  • Suganthi - 014 949 5700
      OR,  you can also obtained for information by following us on:
                              JALAN TEMERLOH, 53200, KUALA LUMPUR.


  •              If there is any dispute in the interpretation of these Rules the decision of the Organizing Committee shall be final and conclusive. No appeal or correspondence will be entertained.


Registration Form for AMSA Charity Run 2014

Please download the form here:


Thank you for your participation! We hope to see you soon during the run.

Ways To Register For AMSA CHARITY RUN 2014

As the race is just around the corner, payment and registration must be made to:

Maybank Account: 164098599695

Registration Form and payment slip must be scanned and sent to :

*please bring along your original registration form copy on the race day itself for legal purposes.

Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!


This would be the official website for the up-to-date info regarding the AMSA Charity Run 2014!

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